A journey across the country

Well, the past 4 weeks have been certainly the craziest in a while. We played being tourist in our own city for a couple of weeks. We spent a week of prepping the plane at the Office and finally ferried it across the country to BC. 

Crossing the country and the Rockies was a very cool first experience. It was way different than flying it in an airliner. First because we fly lower; around 10,000ft. Also because we fly slower; 150 kts (275km/h). It gave us the opportunity to actually see how big and diverse our country is.

For the first flight we didn’t even make it all the way across Ontario. That’s how wide this province is! We flew across the middle of lake Superior, where we couldn’t see land anymore around us and stopped in Thunder Bay, a very busy airport for the northern routes.

After a weekend of thunder in Thunder Bay we were able to leave, and kept flying West. We flew across the rest of Ontario and all of Manitoba and went continued to Saskatchewan for gas. It was my  first time stepping onto the prairies, and the smell around us was so strong and distinct of farms and fields. It was definitely what I had imagined of the center of the country; I’ve never seen so much green before.

We continued to Alberta where we spent a night at the bottom of the Rockies. I thought before that Alberta was only farmland being part of the prairies but I was wrong. We stopped in the woodlands of Alberta, where the cab took an hour to cross the little town because a two mile long train had stopped and was blocking the way for more than 40 minutes.  

Finally, the last day of our trip was a short jump across the high Rockies Mountains to make it to BC. The most beautiful scenery I have ever seen yet.


Sorry for the low quality of the pictures, they were taken with my phone. Kev the photographer was slacking on that duty a bit.



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