Working hard

7 March 2016 – Havre St-Pierre

The winds finally turned to our favor! 3 days in a row of work and tomorrow should be good as well for a fourth day! I realized last week, how not working and not having much to do is hard. The first morning it is nice; relaxing, enjoying coffee and catching up with the rest of the world. But by late afternoon the need for adventures and surprises is very strong.

On the other end, flying for 8 hours straight is the total opposite! There isn’t enough hours in a day to accomplish everything we want and the level of energy left after work is pretty low.  Can’t really have a coffee break in the middle of a flight. There is two pilots in the cockpit but even if we do not fly the machine actively we are still on duty and have the responsibility to monitor the other pilot and to help them with their work. Plus, 8 hours of flying means about 10 hours of hard work with prepping the plane before and putting them to bed after each flights.

Every day is certainly unexpected and different depending on the weather! Hard working on beautiful days or resting on snow storms days. I don’t know many jobs with that kind of excitement!


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