23 February 2016 – HSP


Today was my first full production flight. Long day! But it was a nice feeling to finally feel efficient and making some shillings for the company! Flying the plane is slowly getting easier but I still need to get used to those long flight.

We flew over a beautiful canyon like river shaped in an “S”. Every time, we crossed it perpendicularly, when I wasn’t at the control I couldn’t help myself but to look straight down at the steep cliffs below us!

The perspective while flying above the earth is so different, it almost feel like the ground is part of another world which seems is impossible to reach. Looking down I tried to imagine standing in the middle of the canyon down below and appreciating the tall impressive mountains that would surround me then.

Can’t forget to mention that flying this close to mountains and canyons can be dangerous (in certain situation that we totally avoid getting into… I must say). The winds above this incredible canyon surprised me once today. Nothing dramatic as I had lots of control on the plane. But it reminded me that in the end mother-nature has total control of our environment and we can’t under-estimate it as a pilot. It is important to keep learning from every flight and get as much experience as possible always within the safeties standards. Thanks to my vigilant captain who helped me dealing with this now funny situation.




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